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We are seeking dynamic Partners & collaborators

unlocking greater possibilities
via collective expertise.

By joining forces with like-minded companies or organisations, we can unlock greater possibilities, leverage collective expertise, and amplify our impact and reach.

Co-founders of ecoLogicStudio standing outside the AirBubble playground.
Woman arranging large recycled plastic sheets.
Colourful inflatable characters in warehouse.

We are building a village

We recognise the invaluable role of strategic partnerships in bringing our vision to life

Woman holding a phone taking a picture in a light show exhibition.

Partner up

Great ideas always start as conversations

At Kidwonder we are always looking to collaborate and build relationships. We are just a bunch of friendly, open-minded individuals with a passion for experience design and storytelling. Feel free to say hello.

General enquiries
Partnership enquiries
C/O The Commons Central,
20-40 Meagher Street,
Chippendale, NSW 2008
Postal address
PO BOX 383
Strawberry Hills,
NSW 2012