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Big ideas
Made fun size

One-of-a-kind live experiences that spark creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. Join us in a world where little voices matter and small hands can move mountains.

The video above shows the sentence "From little things..." expanding like a balloon to fill the frame. The sentence "Big things grow" then appears on top.

Kidwonder presents:

From little things...

Show details:

(Coming Mid)
Show poster for "From little things".

From little things...

Dates: Mid 2024

Inspired by the idea that little things... actions, objects, thoughts, words or people... can come together to create big effects.

From little things, big things grow.
Some idea ‘seeds’ we have planted will soon be a show,
filled with fun and with wonder, new places to go.
It’s on the way soon… just letting you know!

“From little things...” is a multi-sensory experience for kids (and the young at heart) that empowers active learning, imagination, critical thinking and straight out fun.

More information on our first Kidwonder live experience is coming very soon. We hope you’ll join us for the journey ahead!