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Octagon Studio – Animal 4D+ Flash Cards

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Octagon Studios are a UK based developer of edutainment products and mobile apps. Their creative team passionately works with partners around the globe to provide realistic 3D augmented reality experiences.

The Animal 4D+ Flashcards App is created to highlight the beauty and importance of wildlife on Earth. Various animals are magically brought to life in realistic 3D animation through the magic of augmented reality for children to observe, along with their unique sounds and movements. This series is designed to contribute to building children’s awareness about the diversity of animal species and the importance of preserving, protecting, and saving the ecological balance. Octagon Studio has released Animal 4D+ to create a new standard of augmented reality technology. As a user-friendly application, Animal 4D+ seamlessly blends the joy and educational purposes with the simplicity in learning alphabets and animals. “By combining the excellent graphic designer artists and experienced engineers, we try to simplify the way we used to learn,” says Michael Healy, CEO of Octagon Studio. “It’s a new effective way of fun learning-by-doing that is easy to adapt by people of all ages.”

Animal 4D+ provides a circus of 26 animal kingdoms in a beautifully crafted augmented reality technology. Each animal is presented in sketch mode and placed in ascending alphabetical order. After scanning the cards with the Animal 4D+ App, they will instantly transform into 4D animals; pronounced with the right spelling of each animal name, producing the actual sound of each animal, presented on your mobile device. All animals are richly designed with highly detailed graphics. Categorised as an educational application, Animal 4D+ provides scientific information on the right section of the 2D or 3D animal on your device explaining its Kingdom, Phylum, Subphylum, Class, etc.

At Kidwonder, we were really tickled by this product. It is a great example of tech used the right way, to spark imagination, entertain and educate all at once. Check it out!

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Phone pointed at flash cards with 4D augmented reality Elephant in the foreground.
Phone pointed at flash cards with 4D augmented reality Penguin in the foreground.
A selection of Animal 4D+ alphabet cards.