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Loliware Seaweed Straws

Nature + Environment + Sustainability

Advancing the planet towards a plastic free-future

Seaweed is one of the best natural forms of carbon capture in the world, even more than land-based trees. By harnessing the regenerative and carbon capturing powers of seaweed, Loliware products replace plastic while healing the ocean.

Loliware, led by founder and CEO Sea Briganti, is revolutionising the effort to replace single-use plastics in the foodservice industry with its seaweed-derived products. While many cities and countries are banning single-use plastics, these bans can only be truly impactful if there are sustainable alternatives. Seaweed offers several advantages over other materials used for bioplastics, such as its fast growth cycle, ability to capture more carbon than terrestrial-based plants, and oxygenating the ocean.

Loliware's circular system involves growing and harvesting seaweed, turning it into pellets, producing products like their innovative Blue Carbon Straw, and then composting the used items to create nutrient-rich soil. The seaweed-derived resins are compatible with existing plastic manufacturing equipment, reducing costs that often hinder bioplastic adoption. Loliware currently partners with a Missouri-based plastics manufacturer to produce 100 million compostable straws per year, catering to foodservice groups and ensuring an inclusive culture that recognises the need for straws, especially among vulnerable groups.

The success of the Blue Carbon Straw has set the stage for Loliware's expansion into other single-use items, including cups, utensils, and films, using their SeaTech pellets. The company's pre-Series A funding will support the development of new products and further research and development. Legislative bans on single-use plastics are creating opportunities for Loliware to provide sustainable solutions on a larger scale, reaching beyond early adopters to businesses seeking alternatives to paper and traditional bioplastics. Collaboration is at the core of Loliware's mission, aiming to make a significant environmental impact by offering practical and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

We absolutely love this level of initiative, follow their journey!

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Two women holding Loliware Seaweed Straws.
Seaweed pellets in chemical beaker.
Free diver underwater holding Loliware Seaweed Straws.
Free diver at surface with mask on holding Loliware Seaweed Straws.