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Headspace for kids

Health + Wellbeing + Emotion

Nurturing young minds for a brighter future

Meditation and mindfulness for improved well-being and academic success.

Headspace was started with one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Headspace makes mental health support accessible to everyone, no matter their background of experience. Through their flagship app, Headspace provides mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement and focus exercises. Their enterprise offerings combine this experience with a human-centred model of care, with coaching, therapy and psychiatry services under one roof. Headspace’s team of experts ranges from mental health clinicians, to Emmy award-winning producers and data scientists, working together as one to help millions of people around the world be healthier and more productive.

Headspace for Kids specifically promotes meditation and mindfulness practices for children to enhance their well-being and academic performance. Despite initial skepticism about kids meditating, with the right approach, parents, educators, and caregivers can teach children meditation to help them calm their minds and process emotions. Studies show that meditation improves working memory, metacognition, and attention span, while also fostering emotional intelligence.

Children as young as 4-5 can start meditation, and early introduction can have long-lasting benefits. Parents can assist kids in learning meditation by modelling the practice and integrating mindfulness activities into daily routines. Headspace for Kids offers various guided meditations for children, encouraging calmness, gratitude, and better sleep. One of the reasons Kidwonder exists is to empower kids' mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and we admire the impact that Headspace for Kids has had in encouraging mindfulness practices for young people, an area that has been neglected for so long.

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