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Biotechnology for a better world

ecoLogicStudio is an architecture and design innovation firm specialising in developing biotechnology for the built environment.

ecoLogicStudio is an innovative architecture and design firm that specializes in developing biotechnology for the built environment. Co-founded by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto in London in 2005, the studio has gained international recognition for its projects that integrate systemic thinking, computational design, biotechnology, and digital prototyping.

The studio's approach to design encompasses a wide range of scales, from micro to global, and treats each project as a laboratory for testing future models of urban inhabitation. Their focus is on creating scalable nature-based solutions to address the challenges faced by contemporary cities in achieving carbon neutrality and mitigating climate change effects.

One of their significant ventures is PhotoSynthetica, launched in 2018 in collaboration with academic partners, focusing on architectural solutions to combat climate change using microorganisms like algae. Their completed projects include experimental pavilions, eco-roofs, urban blue-green planning proposals, a public library, and a private house.

The co-founders, Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, are both accomplished architects, educators, and authors with expertise in biology, computation, and design. They have authored several publications related to their work, and their projects have been exhibited in museums and biennales worldwide. Claudia Pasquero is a Professor of Landscape Architecture, founder of the Synthetic Landscape Lab and Head of Institute for IOUD at Innsbruck University; Associated Professor and Director of the Urban Morphogenesis Lab at the Bartlett UCL in London, while Marco Poletto is a Director at ecoLogicStudio and PhotoSynthetica and lectures at various universities.

Project 1:

AIRBUBBLE. The world’s first biotechnical playground

AirBubble is a revolutionary biotechnological playground, located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, which integrates air-purifying micro-algae to create a purified microclimate for children to play in. The project aims to combine nature and technology to improve urban environments. The playground features a cylindrical timber structure wrapped in an ETFE membrane, housing 52 glass algae reactors that form an urban algae greenhouse. This innovative structure serves as both a playground and an outdoor classroom equipped with ropes, foot pumps, and bouncy spheres.

AirBubble biotechnological playground on

Project 2:

AIRBUBBLE. Air purifying eco-machine

During the COP26 conference in Glasgow in 2021, ecoLogicStudio presented an innovative project related to air pollution and carbon neutrality called the Air Bubble air-purifying eco-machine and the BioFactory system. This ongoing research project integrates PhotoSynthetica technology and aligns with the conference's goals of achieving net-zero emissions and building resilient infrastructures.

The Air Bubble air-purifying eco-machine, installed in front of the Glasgow Science Centre, consists of 99% air, water, and living photosynthetic air-purifying Chlorella cultures. The project showcases the advanced integration of biotechnology in the built environment, demonstrating how living, growing architectures can combine ecological efficiency and beauty.

AirBubble air-purifying eco-machine on

All in print!

Biodesign in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Deep Green

In 2023, Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto have released an incredible book that’s well worth exploring!

"Biodesign in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Deep Green" investigates the potential of nature-based technology for shaping the evolution of contemporary architecture and design. It takes on the now pervasive topic of design intelligence, extending its definition to encompass both biological and digital realms.

Available to purchase at

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Inside of the AirBubble eco-machine.
Woman holding a purifier inside the AirBubble eco-machine.
Children playing inside the AirBubble playground.
Co-founders standing outside the AirBubble playground.