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Less land, less water, more produce. Revolutionary aeroponic farming systems contributing to future food security.

Mathias Levarek's chance meeting with his now-wife, Iris Kam, during a business trip to the Netherlands became a life-changing event. After moving to Amsterdam from Hawaii to be with Iris, Mathias missed the homegrown produce he had in his vegetable garden back in Hawaii. Passionate about urban farming, he discovered Tower Garden technology during a visit to the U.S., where he met with its developer, Tim Blank. Amazed by the growing capabilities of Tower Farms, Mathias decided to start his own Tower Farm with Iris on the Spanish island of Ibiza, making it the first in Europe.

Using vertical, aeroponic Tower Garden technology, their Agrotonomy farm revolutionised the island's approach to agriculture. The system doesn't use soil, requires 98% less water (critical in Ibiza due to water supply concerns), and occupies 90% less land while producing a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. With a fully automated gardening system, even Iris, without any gardening background, could easily grow crops.

Agrotonomy has now grown into a major international supplier and consultant for Tower Farms, with aeroponic vertical farms set up across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polynesia and the Middle East. Agrotonomy donates more than 90% of its produce to local low-income individuals and families, keeping only 10% for personal use. Mathias and Iris plan to set up a non-profit organisation to establish aeroponic farms for educational purposes, aiming to inspire the next generation of urban farmers and encourage children to grow their own food using eco-friendly technologies.

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Iris Kam in between towers at the Agrotonomy Tower Farm.
Rows of fresh vegetables in the Agrotonomy Tower Farm.
Mathias Levarek tending produce in the Tower Farm.
Agrotonomy Tower Farm and produce.