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Defy Design

Kidwonder x
Defy Design

Closing the loop on plastic waste

Defy Design is a Sydney-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of impactful products made from plastic destined for landfill. Defy’s mission is to stop the production of new plastic and keep all existing materials in circulation!

Through innovative products, processes and educational experiences, Defy aims to reconnect people and products to the story of our waste so that plastic is considered a valuable material that can flow within a “closed loop” system without ever going into our natural environment.

At their factory in Sydney, they do everything under one roof, from recycling to design and manufacturing. They sort, wash and shred post-consumer waste and turn it into unique products with their bespoke manufacturing methods.

Kidwonder has an ongoing collaboration with Defy Design to integrate recycled plastic materials with unique colours and patterns throughout our built environments, in the form of furniture, displays and activities, as well as many small touches across the whole Kidwonder universe. This is just one part of our core commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Learn more about our friends and their amazing mission!

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Woman arranging large recycled plastic sheets.
Pile of recycled plastic coat hangers.
Round ribbed coasters made from 100% recycled plastic.
Multicoloured square samples of recycled plastic.