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Kidwonder x

For the kid in all of us

Colourful characters created around the emotions that connect us all.

Born from a union of creativity, craziness, talent and emotion, Chocotoy is a Venezuelan brand and design studio run by partners in art and in life, Luis Albornoz and Karen Guevara. Chocotoy has grown from a design school graduation project for Luis into an internationally recognised design studio with a distinct style based around playful characters brought to life with electrifying colour, flowing lines and quirky details.

The Japanese concept of Kawaii is central to the creative process at Chocotoy. Kawaii can be translated as cute, but more broadly refers to a style of illustration that gives human and non-human characters loveable or relatable emotions which can include happiness, but can also touch on sadness, awkwardness or embarrassment. Kidwonder has collaborated with Chocotoy to create a series of characters that capture emotions that kids (and adults) will find familiar and relatable. These characters feature in Kidwonder experiences that explore emotion, especially as it relates to kids and how they interact with the world around them.

We are incredibly excited about our journey with Luis and Karen! Learn more here:

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Collage of Chocotoy character designs and partner Luis Albornoz.
Chocotoy character in SuperCute hat for Kanopy Streetwear.
Chocotoy character in hoodie for Kanopy Streetwear.
Chocotoy partner Karen Guevara holding Summy Bear toy.